The Centre supports three categories of trainees:

  • student trainees (masters, doctoral)
  • community-based researcher trainees
  • post-doctoral fellows

Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Opportunities

The Centre is committed to helping trainees build professional relationships to further their education and research, and to afford them practical opportunities to apply their knowledge.

Centre trainees will be involved in the following activities:


Each trainee will meet regularly with a research mentor who has corresponding research interests. Mentors provide supportive, individualized training, and feedback to develop a trainee’s ability to produce excellent, publishable research manuscripts, competitive grant applications and/or unique community research involvement models. Trainees will participate fully in their mentor’s research meetings and activities.

Summer Institute

The Centre will host an annual Summer Institute that brings together Centre trainees with graduate students from affiliated institutions, community-based researchers, and community practitioners to attend a summer course where experts in the field facilitate discussions on gender and social inequities in mental health, and substance use.

Colloquium Series

Trainees have the opportunity to lead a colloquium to present their research and progress or discuss an area of interest. The colloquium will be hosted on a rotating basis by different Centre-affiliated organizations.

Trainee-Led Projects

Trainees and Post Doctoral Fellows are supported in developing research projects under the mentorship of Centre investigators.


The Centre provides practicum opportunities for student in graduate programs. Placements are available on a competitive basis at affiliated national and international institutions.

Post Doctoral Fellows

Cindy Holmes

Benita Bunjun

Susan Lynn Hardie


Current Trainees

Quinn Bennett

Nathalie Lozano-Neira

Past Trainees

Althea Crawford

Mohamed Ibrahim

Ruby Peterson

Sabina Chatterjee

Meilan Fang

Thanya Al-Saadoon

Jake Pyne

Viviane Josewski


Thanks for your interest however the Centre has no further fellowships available.