Violence, Mental Health, & Substance Use

Our team is working on research that promotes the provision of integrated, gender-based policies, practices, and interventions, including risk-reduction and violence prevention.

We are examining the need for:

  • innovative, interdisciplinary, multi-method approaches for generating new knowledge on the intersections among social and structural inequities, violence against women/woman abuse, substance use and mental health across the lifespan.
  • innovative intervention, policy, practice, and care models that respond to this developing area of research.

Main objectives

  • Foster innovative, interdisciplinary, multi-method approaches to research and practice that address social and structural determinants of health and health equity; women’s and men’s lived experiences of violence, substance use and mental illness across the lifespan; and the capacity of individuals, families, communities, providers, and policy-makers to promote health, healing, and well-being.
  • Generate new knowledge on the connections among social and structural determinants of health, violence, mental health and substance use across the lifespan that directly informs the design, implementation and evaluation of programs, interventions, policies and practice for reducing health inequities and gender disparities.
  • Develop strategies to shape policy and practice that more effectively address the intersecting social and structural factors, including women’s, men’s and children’s experiences of trauma, violence and pain, that influence mental health and substance use across the lifespan.
  • Build capacity among new investigators, community-based researchers, health professionals, and policy-makers to address the intersections of social and structural determinants of health, lived experiences, violence, mental health, and substance use.