Other CGSM Research

“A Critical Exploration of Social Inequities in Mental Health Recovery”

A CIHR-funded (Meetings, Planning and Dissemination) project for the “development of a research agenda exploring social inequities in mental health recovery” began January, 2010.

Dr. Morrow is Principal Investigator working in collaboration with Darrell Burnham (Coast Mental Health) and Kim Calasaferri (Vancouver Coastal Health) as Co-Investigators. The research team includes Brenda Jamer, Cat Omura, branwen Willow, Ruth Gumpp, Julia Weisser, Susan Hardie, and Simon Davis.

This project will facilitate and support the establishment of a user service collaboration interested in developing new conceptualizations of mental health recovery that are grounded in principles of citizen engagement (e.g. principles that value the lived experience and participation of people with mental health issues) and that recognizes the impact of social inequities on mental health and recovery, ultimately culminating in a research agenda outlining key research priorities for future work by this team.

As part of this project the research team hosted a World Café on June 16th, 2010. Participants from a range of social locations discussed and explored questions concerning social inequities and recovery. The all day event included presentations from Marina Morrow (A Critical Exploration of Social Inequities in Mental Health Recovery World Café), Julia Weisser (Mental Health Recovery Scoping Review), and Jennie Williams (Remembering Social Inequities).  The World Cafe notes and discussions are currently being analyzed.

The project completed in February, 2011. The team hosted a World Café, completed a scoping review and developed brief skits/vignettes that represent this work.The team has presented to various service providers and community organizations, in addition they will be presenting at two upcoming conferences: Fifth JEMH Conference, May 12, 2011 in Kelowna, British Columbia and the Society for Disability Studies conference – Beyond Access: From Disability Rights to Disability Justice, June 15-18th, San Jose, California.

The full project report, brief overview and the scoping review are now available.