Team Bios


Wendy Chan – Sociology, SFU; feminist and critical criminology, racism, racialization,  and criminal justice

Dorothy Chunn – Sociology, SFU; madness, social welfare, and criminal justice; feminism, law, and social change

Team Members

Susan C. Boyd – Studies in Policy and Practice Program, UVic; drug law, policy, and maternal-state conflicts

Kathleen Kendall – Division of Medical Education, Southampton; criminalization and constructions, and histories of madness

Robert Menzies – Sociology, SFU; cultural and institutional constructions of madness

Katrina Pacey – Staff Lawyer, Pivot Legal Society; health law and social justice; law and policy related to sex work and human rights

Katherine Teghtsoonian – Studies in Policy and Practice Program, UVic; neoliberalism, feminism and policy; critical analyses of mental health policy and practice