Violence, Mental Health, & Substance Use Publications

Centre For the Study of Gender, Social Inequities and Mental Health Research

Cory, J, Abi-Jaoude, A., Godard, L., Smye, V., Halinka, L., Malcoe, Josewski, V. Understanding the Links between Structural Inequities, Woman Abuse, Substance Use and Mental Ill Health: A Qualitative Analysis. Poster session presented at the CGSM annual Critical Inquiries workshop, Vancouver, BC.

Related Violence, Mental Health, & Substance Use Publications

Colleen Varcoe and Sheila Dick (2008). The Intersecting Risks of Violence and HIV for Rural Aboriginal Women in a Neo-Colonial Canadian Context. Journal of Aboriginal Health, 42-52.

Bonnie Duran, John Oetzel, Tassy Parker, Lorraine Halinka Malcoe, Julie Lucero, and Yizhou Jiang (2009). Intimate partner violence and alcohol, drug, and mental disorders among American Indian women from southwest tribes in primary care. IPV and ADM Disorders (16), 2, 1-17.

Parkes, T., Welch, C., Besla, K., et al. Freedom from Violence: Tools for Working with Trauma, Mental Health and Substance Use. Toolkit for Anti-Violence Workers produced for and with the BC Association of Specialized Victim Assistance and Counselling Programs.

Judith Wuest, Marilyn Ford-Gilboe, Marilyn Merritt-Gray, Colleen Varcoe, Barbara Lent, Piotr Wilk, and Jacquelyn Campbell (2009) Abuse-related injury and symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder as mechanisms of chronic pain in survivors of Intimate Partner Violence. Pain Medicine, 10, 4, 739-747.

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