Reproductive Mental Health Publications

Centre For the Study of Gender, Social Inequities and Mental Health Research

Ross, L., Ussher, J., Perz, J., Smith, J., Fugate-Woods, N., and Pyne, J. Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Reproductive Mental Health: A Focus on Intersectionality. Poster session presented at the CGSM annual Critical Inquiries workshop, Vancouver, BC.

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Ross, L.E., Campbell, V.L.S, Dennis, C & Blackmore, E.R.  Demographic Characteristics of Participants in Studies of Risk Factors, Prevention and treatment of post-partum depression. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry; Oct 2006; 51, 11

Ussher, J.M., & Perz, J. (2008). Empathy, egalitarianism and emotion work in the relational negotiation of PMS: The experience of lesbian couples. Feminism and Psychology, 18(1) 87-111.