Mental Health Reform and Policy Publications

Centre For the Study of Gender, Social Inequities and Mental Health Research

Morrow, M., et. al (2011). Mental Health in Canada: Designing a Policy Implementation Plan on Self-Directed Care Using an Intersectionality Framework. Poster session presented at the CGSM annual Critical Inquiries workshop, Vancouver, BC.

Related Mental Health Reform and Policy Publications

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Morrow, M., Dagg, P., Pederson, A (2008) Is Deinstitutionalization a ‘Failed Experiment’? The Ethics of Re-institutionalization. Journal of Mental Health Ethics, 3 (2).

Morrow, M., & Jamer, B. (2008). Making meaning in a ‘Post-institutional’ age: Reflections on the experience of (de) institutionalization. International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, 12(1)

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