Recovery and Housing Knowledge

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The role of gender in housing for individuals with severe mental illness: A qualitative study of the Canadian service context

Kidd, S., Virdee, G., Krupa, T., Burnham, D., Hemingway, D., Margolin, I., Patterson, M., & Zabkiewicz, D. (2013). BMJ Open, 3:e002914.

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Lesbian, gay, and transgender persons with severe mental illness: Negotiating wellness in the context of multiple sources of stigma.

Kidd, S.A., Veltman, A., Gately, C., Chan, K.J., & Cohen, J.N. (2011). American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation,14, 13-39.


Using arts-based research to create research spaces that encourage meaningful dialogue about gender, social inequity, recovery and mental illness.

Krupa, T., Kidd, S., Burnham, D., Hemingway, D., Margolin, I., Patterson, M., and  Zabkiewicz, D. (2011).  Poster session presented at the CGSM annual Critical Inquiries workshop, Vancouver, BC.

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A model of stigma of mental illness in employment.

Krupa, T., Kirsh, B., Cockburn, L. and Gewurtz, R. (2009). Work.  33(4), 413-425.

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Unifying and elevating rehabilitation counseling through model-driven, diversity sensitive evidence-based practice.

Chan, F., Tarvydas,V., Blalock, K., Strauser, D. and Atkins, B. (2009). Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, 52, 114-119.