Olena Hankivsky


Olena is a member of the Centre’s research team for Mental Health Reform and Policy.

She is an Associate Professor in the Public Policy faculty at SFU, and Co-Director of the Institute for Critical Studies in Gender and Health at SFU, and a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) Senior Scholar in Population Health. She is also a CIHR-IGH Mid-Career Research Chair in New Perspectives on Sex/Gender, Diversity, and Health Reform.

Olena specializes in public policy and political theory and has a particular interest in gender and health policy. She is the author of Social Policy and the Ethic of Care (2004, University of British Columbia Press), editor of Health and Intersectionality Inquiry in Canada (forthcoming University of Toronto Press) co-editor of Women’s Health in Canada: Critical Perspectives on Theory and Policy (2007, University of Toronto Press).