Funding success

Congratulations to Marina Morrow (principal applicant) and co-applicants, including centre affiliate Robert Menzies, on their recently awarded CIHR dissemination events grant entitledĀ After the Asylum: The Legacies of Community Mental Health.

Project abstract:
“Psychiatric deinstitutionalization began in the 1950s and continues into the present day. Deinstitutionalization has had profound and widespread effects across many sectors of Canadian society, including the economy, the workforce, public health, public policy, education and human rights. But what do we know of the history of this critical evolution in mental health provision?

In 2007 a pan Canadian team of researchers came together to study the history of psychiatric deinstitutionalization and the relocation of mental health care from residential facilities into community settings. The diverse research findings and multi-media research products of the Open Doors / Closed Ranks: Locating mental health after the asylum project demonstrate that academic and community partnerships which explore past practices and models offer contemporary policy makers and mental health practitioners a valuable set of tools for future decision-making.

The project team is planning a public outreach dissemination, engagement and planning event, Through Open Doors: Legacies of Community Mental Health, for Fall 2014 in Vancouver, BC. Our event will bring a broad set of key stakeholders (mental health practitioners, policy actors, mental health care users, caregivers and educators) together for three days of concentrated, multi-media events and discussions about the ongoing legacy of deinstitutionalization. The events are designed to foster better mental health policy and practices and to function as a means of combating institutionalized stigma to create inclusive mental health communities.”


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