Movember Funding Success

Movember Canada recently announced funding for seven men’s mental health programs of intervention research. Marina Morrow (CGSM Director) is co-principal investigator and lead for the Vancouver site of the Reducing stigma of mental illness among boys and men in Asian communities in Canada: An innovative intervention study with principal investigator Professor Sepali Guruge, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing at Ryerson University.

Project Summary: The purpose of this project is to reduce stigma of mental illness among boys and men in Asian communities in Canada. This will be accomplished by engaging: (1) East, South East, and South Asian boys and men living with or affected by mental illness; and (2) community leaders from faith-based, media, arts and advocacy sectors, in two interventions to build mental health support capacities within their communities.

Researchers from different disciplines and regions of Canada along with a large number of supporting organizations including academic institutions, mental health agencies, and community-based agencies that provide culturally and linguistically inclusive social care, will come together to work on the project.

The two anti-stigma interventions to be applied are: Acceptance Commitment Training (ACT) to reduce internalized and enacted stigma; and Contact-based Empowerment Education (CEE) to support knowledge and skills building. The project will evaluate the effectiveness of these interventions, when used independently and combined.

The interventions will be implemented in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto, and will engage a total of 2,160 boys and men across three age groups (17-24, 25-54, 55 and up) with the goal of enabling them to become Mental Health Ambassadors who will take on leadership roles in further building capacity of anti-stigma efforts in their own cultural communities.

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