Social Inequities & Mental Health: A Scoping Review

The long awaited scoping review is now published. Here’s an excerpt from the Executive Summary to wet your appetite:

Those committed to improving mental health outcomes must consider their role in combating the specific inequitable conditions that affect mental health. One manner to address this is through improved analytic tools, clearer conceptualizations, and methodological development. With this in mind we undertook a scoping review of the literature to examine how social inequities are currently being conceptualized and operationalized, and to examine the various theoretical frameworks within which inequity is understood.

This report details the process and findings of the scoping review. We based our methodology on Arksey and O’Malley’s five stage process. We took the additional step of measuring the relative contribution of journal articles to our specific research questions:

1. How are social inequities currently being defined and/or conceptualized within and beyond the fields of mental health and substance use?

2. What theoretical frameworks and/or paradigms are currently being used to study social inequities within and beyond the fields of mental health and substance use?

Read the full report here.

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