Taking Action on Campus

Last month, in recognition of emerging initiatives at SFU and on campuses across Canada to address mental health issues the Centre brought together representatives from academic programs and student/faculty/staff organizations on SFU campus to initiate a dialogue on how a social inequities framework can inform mental health and wellness. Through guest speaker presentations and a facilitated discussion participants explored the intersections between mental health and social inequities and how these are manifest in various aspects of campus life. The presentations by Jenna Reid, Susan Hardie and Margaret Price provided an overview of provincial, national and international initiatives to address mental health in colleges and universities. The facilitated dialogue provided the group an opportunity to discuss some of the issues on SFU campus and some strategies for creating a more inclusive campus were explored.

Some of the themes from the dialogue that emerged included the importance of addressing institutional structures and the whole community not just individuals. Participants suggested that a key component of a mental health strategy on campus are mechanisms to support the development of an inclusive university community through the engagement of existing campus groups and existing informal supports.

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