New CIHR funding for project on intimate partner violence

Colleen Varcoe (CGSM co-investigator) is co-principal investigator with Marilyn Ford-Gilboe and Judith Wuest on a recently announced CIHR five year operating grant titled ” Effectiveness of an internet-based decision aid in enhancing safety behaviors, reducing exposure to violence and improving mental health among women experiencing intimate partner violence”.

The abstract from the CIHR funding decisions database provides an overivew of the project:

“One out of four Canadian women experience Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in their lifetimes, and most are negatively affected in terms of their mental and physical health. Our goal is to develop accessible, culturally appropriate interventions for women that limit IPV and its negative consequences.

One of the most widely recommended interventions for women who experience partner abuse is safety planning. A safety decision aid helps women weigh the dangers of leaving or staying in a relationship, and provides an opportunity to plan safety for themselves and their children based on their own priorities and living situation.

Using an experimental design, we will test whether a personalized, interactive internet-based safety decision aid helps women make decisions about safety, increases their use of safety strategies, improves support, prevents re-abuse, and improves mental health among women who are currently in an abusive relationship. A sample of 500 abused women will be assigned, by chance, to either complete the safety decision aid (SDA) intervention or to a control website. Women will be asked to self-report online their decision making related to an abusive relationship, their safety-seeking behaviours, perceived social support, mental health and exposure to repeat violence when they start the trial and 3, 6, and 12-months later. We will also interview 60 women about their use of the SDA in order to understand the strengths and limitations for different groups of women, including those living in rural settings, Aboriginal women and women with same-sex partners.”

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