Refocus on Recovery: Conference review

Marina Morrow, Lupin Battersby and Susan Hardie presented at the March 2012 Refocus on Recovery Conference in London UK. Rethink Mental Illness and Section for Recovery (Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London) organized the conference that featured international service providers, program developers, researchers and service users interested in alternatives to the standard medical models of care for mental illness.

Over 300 registered participants heard stories of and innovative programs for recovery. Primarily the presentations affirmed the success of recovery informed practices. However, some speakers did challenge the notion of recovery as it is being taken up by policy decision makers and psychiatric services, questioning if recovery is something new or just the same care with a new name. Part of the argument is that the activist and survivor voice is not being heard as loudly as the academic or medical treatment voice. Of course the issue of restraints and treatment orders continues to challenge the potential of recovery practice.

Based on what we heard at the conference and saw at the Recovery College in Nottingham it appears that the National Health Services in England has embraced recovery and is weaving this more and more into policy and practice guidelines. Some speakers that we will be following include: Peter Beresford (Brunel University), Mary O’Hagan (Advocate and consultant from New Zealand and Wendy Bryant (Brunel University, Researching Psychosis Together group).

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