Inviting Voice/Creating Space Funding Announcement

As part of her traineeship at the CGSM in 2011 Thanya Al-Saadoon developed a proposal for a three-year project with the Cowichan Women Against Violence Society on Vancouver Island. The proposal was submitted to Vancouver Foundation and Thanya and her team were recently awarded funding for the project!

The Inviting Voice/Creating Space for Cowichan Valley Women project “will investigate how Cowichan women’s experiences of marginalization and social exclusion affect their participation in community life as well as their health and well-being. The project will also develop a collaborative strategy for women’s health action, by identifying the actions or systemic changes that will facilitate safety, well-being and social inclusion if implemented as health promotion strategies. This three-year project will generate locally relevant actions at both service and policy levels.”

In addition, the team has secured funding from Kloshe Tillicum, for the purposes of bringing on First Nations women community members as research assistants on the project.

Congratulations to Thanya and her intrepid research team and supporters!

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