Critical Inquiries Presentations

If you missed the Centre’s Critical Inquiries in Mental Health: Paradigms and Praxis workshop held May 9th and 10th, 2011 you will want to see the pamphlets and posters that were presented for each research theme project and trainee-led project. In addition the following presentations are available:

Renee Cormier (CGSM) and Marina Morrow (SFU) Paradigms for Studying Gender and Social Inequities in Mental Health

Judith Cook (University of Illinois at Chicago) Designing a Policy Implementation Plan for Self-Directed Care Using an Intersectionality Framework

Lori Ross (University of Toronto) Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Reproductive Mental Health: A focus on intersectionality

Jill Cory (BC Women’s Health Centre) &Vicki Smye (University of British Columbia) Understanding the Links between Structural Inequities, Woman Abuse, Substance Use and Mental Ill Health: The use of an intersectional lens

Richard Ingram (CGSM) Sanism in Theory and Practice

Our keynote speaker, Elizabeth Cole (Center for Afro-American and African Studies, University of Michigan), graciously allowed us to record and post her stimulating talk Toward a Coalitional Model of Intersectionality: Implications for Research and Practice. It is a compelling 40 minute talk, valuable viewing for anyone interested in intersectionality.

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