Panel presentations at the Society for Disability Studies Annual Conference

The Centre will have a substantial presence at the upcoming Society for Disability Studies Conference in San Jose, June 15th – June 18th, 2011. Richard Ingram (CGSM postdoctoral fellow) will be presenting on the panel “Madness and Disability Discourses in Relation” on the morning of June 14th. Then he will join Marina Morrow, Cat Omura, branwen Willow, Julia Weisser and Brenda Jamer (all affiliated with CGSM) for the panel: “Recovering ‘Recovery’ in Mental Health: A critical feminist intersectional approach” on June 18th, 2011.

The Recovering ‘Recovery in Mental Health panel will, through a series of inter-linked papers and performance, explore critical conceptualizations of recovery in mental health that draw theoretically on feminism and intersectionality, including a burgeoning analysis of sanism.

The work is grounded in real life experiences of individuals and on recent empirical research which sought to identify what recovery might look like if gender and other social and structural determinants were taken into account. Concluding with a critical discussion of the concept of stigma, an arguement for the use of the term sanism as a way of better recognizing the discrimination attached to mental health diagnoses will be made.

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