Challenging Queerphobic Practice, Forum

Join the CGSM for this exciting forum featuring Jemma Tosh’s (PhD Candidate, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK) work: Challenging Queerphobic Practice: Protesting Ken Zucker’s ‘Treatment’ of Childhood Gender Identity Disorder on May 2nd, 2011, 10:30am to 12:30pm at SFU, Harbour Centre.

Childhood Gender Identity Disorder (GID) is a particularly controversial disorder, subsumed within complex debates of gender diversity and pathologization. These debates have been reinvigorated with the revised Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) due for publication in 2013. Jemma’s presentation challenges Zucker’s treatment approach, which lacks empirical support and uses the ‘prevention’ of transsexualism and homosexuality as a rationale for its implementation. Jemma also describes and reflects on the actions of the ‘Protest Zucker’ group, who challenged Zucker at a UK Conference in December 2010. RSVP required, See the invite for more details.

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