New Projects

The Centre now has multiple research projects started, each of the five research themes started their first seed project this summer. Below is the title of seed project for each theme group, click the theme group to go to a description of the project.

Mental Health Reform & Policy: “Designing a Policy Implementation Plan in Collaboration with the Mental Health Commission of Canada Using an Intersectionality Framework”

Recovery and Housing: “Using art-based research to create research spaces that encourage meaningful dialogue about gender, social inequity, recovery and mental illness”

Violence, Mental Health and Substance Use: “Understanding the Links between Structural Inequities, Woman Abuse, Substance Use and Mental Ill Health”

Reproductive and Sexual Mental Health:  “Theoretical approaches to the study of reproductive mental health: A focus on intersectionality”

Criminal Justice System, Mental Health, & Substance Use: “Media Representations of Madness, Addiction and Crime/Criminalization:  A Preliminary, Intersectional Analysis of Documentary Films Used for Public Education in Canada, 1920-1969”

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